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The Artner winery

Our roots lay in the Carnuntum wine region where all our vineyards are situated. In ancient times the Romans have already mastered the art of winemaking - halfway between Vienna and Bratislava.

As we demand a great deal of ourselves, these demands are also reflected in the quality of our wines. Therefore our keywords are complexity, indulgence and sociability.

Our ancestry

The history of our winery dates back to 1650. Even our ancestors have recognized the potential of our region for viticulture and started a mixed agricutural farm. But since the 1980s our family has been focusing on the production of wines with authenticity and character.

Höflein is located in the Carnuntum wine region, which extends east of Vienna and at the same time south of the Danube. Strong loess and barren limestone soils as well as the Continental-Pannonian climate with the cooling influence of the Danube offer ideal conditions for our vines. The origin of a wine is probably the most fundamental quality factor.

Our approach

The most important thing in viticulture is the diligent and caring work in the vineyards throughout the whole year. Only then top wines can be made in the cellar, because the quality of the wine is actually already decided on in the vineyard. We work as close to nature as possible, vegetate the areas between the vine rows, planting trees where necessary to draw more insects into our vineyards. And since 2021 we have now been working certified organic.

Our wines

Peter and his team take great care of a wide range of grape varieties in our 40 hectare vineyards - from Grüner Veltliner, which is characteristic for the region,  to Gelber Muskateller and Chardonnay. However, we set the focus on the production of red
wines such as Zweigelt and Blaufränkisch. Our top Cuveé Amarok is characterized by our strong Syrah, which also feels very comfortable in the area. Find more information about our wines in our wine shop.

Our values

Hannes is the creative pioneer, who took over the winery from our father and set the aims for quality leadership in his early years. Hannes 'son Peter is the cellar master and brings in all his knowledge and passion for viticulture. Hannes' brother Christoph is responsible for international sales, marketing and administration.
We are a family that loves what it does and through hard work, knowledge transfer as well as always being eager to learn something new, we work together to achieve our aims.

Österreichische Traditionsweingüter (ÖTW)

In the year 2018 we have joined the Traditionsweingüter Österreich. We see it as our obligation to express the characteristics of our territory, our soil, our climate, our varieties and our cellar through our wines. They bear witness to their origins and do not hide their personality.

Ried Steinäcker

Ried Steinäcker is situated on a ridge that was formed from limestone-poor to limestone-free, pebbly gravel of an old watercourse of the Danube, and runs gently down toward Höflein. The gravel reposes upon clayish sand and subordinate gravel-bearing Miocene deposits, and is blanketed to the northwest by loess. The vineyard is located closest to the Danube and benefits from substantial cooling during the night. The name refers to the dominant Danube gravel, which stores the heat of the day, but also brings a taunt structure to the wines. More information...

Ried Kirchweingarten

Ried Kirchweingarten is a gently sloping south-facing hillside directly below the church of Höflein. The vineyard is covered by silty clay Pannonian (upper Miocene) deposits, and partially by layers of loess - and these clay deposits are quite rare in Carnuntum. The soils are deep and very rich in Lime, yielding wines that are characterised by their pithiness, fresh acidity and firm structure. More information...

Ried Aubühl

Ried Aubühl ascends as a gentle ridge from Höflein in the west to the beginning of the Ellender Forest that lies above. The subsoil of the vineyards is composed of predominantly sandy, partly silty-clay Miocene sediments. In the southeastern and northwestern segments there is some topsoil of loess - rock dust that was blown in and redeposited by the wind during the sparsely vegetated glacial periods. Here, the soils are deep and rich in lime. Due to the cooling influences of the forest above, the wines retain their freshness and spice despite the hot soils and the warm Pannonian climate. More information...

Our address

Weingut Artner
Dorfstraße 93
2465 Höflein | Carnuntum

T. +43 2162 63142

all pictures of the Höflein Rieden:
© Rubin Carnuntum Weingüter/ Robert Herbst

all other pictures:
© Weingut ARTNER / René Kern